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     Yuexun was founded in Huizhou China(Huizhou Yuexun Network Technology Co., Ltd) in 2007 . is located in the beautiful Huizhou. Huizhou beautiful environment and pleasant, selected "2013 China most beautiful city", Huizhou is adjacent to Shenzhen, Hongkong, Heyuan, Shanwei, Dongguan and Guangzhou, Huizhou is a famous historical and cultural city, in ancient times that the "south of the Famous city", "gateway to Guangdong".

    We offer competitive compensation system and a series of benefits for employees, create good working environment for employees, so that employees can give full play to the potential, improve performance. Our salary welfare system based on two principles: performance oriented, maintain market competitiveness. Hook overall performance of staff salary levels and personal performance and company, competitive in IT/ communication industry.
    In addition, the staff also can obtain a lot of learning and occupation development opportunities. We provide a rich internal rotation of the opportunity for employees, employees can be according to the occupation development plan of its own, get exercise in different jobs, try to work in different departments, city, in order to gain extensive experience and knowledge as well as the occupation career development and progress.
    We believe, beneficial diversification, tolerance and equal working environment to the human capital, also beneficial to the future development of the company. We promise to provide an equal opportunity for development for the employees, against any form of discrimination and unequal treatment.

Employee benefits
    We provide abundant welfare projects: pay social insurance for their employees in accordance with the provisions of the state. The company for the new and old employees to provide every 3-10 days of paid vacation. Every employee can participate in the company's long-term incentive plans and WELL-DONE employee incentive plan. In addition, the company has introduced EAP employee assistance program, some professional training and employees some outdoor activities or tourism held regularly.