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YX MoIP 64-512

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  • Brand:    YX
  • Type:    YX MoIP 64-512
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YX MoIP Gateway

    YX is a professional developer and manufacturer of Network SMS products. YX provide YX brand Network SMS communication devices and solutions. And we also offer customized products and OEM service. They are a cost-effective gateway for SOHO, SMEs and system integrators and it also opens up new revenue generating opportunities for service providers.

  YX series is able to process traditional SMS service and internet data service. YX series adapt new hardware and software structure, which supports up to 8/16/32/64 concurrent Send SMS.

  Support SIM Bank

  VPN(pptp)

  SIM Card Rotating(Multi-card device support)

  Solution to solve the SIM card blocked by(Automation):

        Accumulated SMS Count Checking

        Accumulated Failed SMS Count Checking

        Consecutive Failed SMS Count Checking

  Station intelligent switching

  ERMS(Expedite Remote Management System--YX)

  Support auto check balance and check lock card prompt and check no balance prompt(USSD/SMS)

  Support used billing to determine the balance and calibration when reaching the warning value(USSD/SMS)

  Support auto check SIM card number (USSD/SMS)

  Port Inter-Calling

  Sending limit (day, week, month, total)

  Sending interval

  Sensitive word settings

  Support IMFS/EIMS SMS platform

  Support SMPP or HTTP API

  Web Browser: Firefox/Chrome /IE/Opera(And most other browsers)

Specification: (Frequency and channels or sim slots optional will be updated regularly )

Please see YX GOIP Optional ListReal-time

Mobile Features:

  SMS Send, Receive and Forward(GSM/SIP/HTTP)

  SMS Inbox

  AT Command , USSD

  SMS Format: PDU/TXT

  PIN Code Management

  CDMA Delay Answer

  GSM Polarity Reversal

  Carrier Selection

Maintenance and Management:

  Multi-language Interface

  USB Serial COM

  Configuration Backup and Restore

  Support HTTP/TFTP Upgrade

  SMS statistics: Number of successes, number of failures, success rate, number of consecutive failures

  YX Remote Management System


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