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YX SMS business

         YX SMS business is a new business expanded by YX International Information Co., Ltd., which is mainly used for A-Z SMS route provide, A-Z SMS traffic transmission, and also can customers directly using this webpage to send SMS messages.

1, Support  send SMS messages directly on the webpage;

2, Support Use SMPP connection

3, Support HTTP API connection

4, Privacy protection, after the customer SMS is sent, the system will automatically hide the 4-digit number as customer privacy protection.

5, The YX SMS system only charges after receiving the SMS delivery report.(Except for Operator direct route)

6, Low price, Save costs for users with group messaging needs

7, The recharge amount is permanently valid, does not expire, and is not cleared.

8, Can accept marketing, advertising, verification codes and other business / corporate / personal SMS messages, content is not restricted , Send ID is not restricted (But reject all text messages that violate international laws and local laws.)

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