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Product Purchase Related

1, YX company to sell the goods are authentic? How about after-sales service?
A: YX company sales of goods are genuine, you can provide free invoice / sales certificate. With YX sales vouchers, the company sells goods can enjoy after-sales service
Guarantee, YX company will strictly follow the sales of products to fulfill the responsibility of after-sales service.

2, YX company prices and other store prices why there is such a big difference?
A: YX is a direct supplier, the price will be more favorable.

3, How to buy products on the YX?
A: Please contact the business to understand the buy situation,if we confirm payment has been received,  Within a day will test and packaging done, and within 1-3day will be delivery by courier

4, How to do damage caused by transport?
A: We bear the loss of shipping or cargo, so you do not have to worry about the transport problem (long distance transport product packaging may have a slight collision is normal, but will not damage Bad goods packaging, YX packaging is well known for the powerful Oh! ). If the issue of clearance is not a matter of transport, please contact the business department for details of customs clearance.

5, How much transport costs?
A: Before ordering and paying, please contact the business, business people will tell you the details of the freight and other details.

6, How long will it take to wait?
A: Usually we have stored products, send every day 18:30 courier (domestic short hair SF, we will contact you before delivery), usually in Guangdong Province 1-2 days; Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Chongqing and other places 2-3 days, other cities 2-5 working days; overseas customers according to the actual situation, courier single number we will inform you, you can go to the official website of check the express logistics information!

7, Received the product found to have quality problems how to do?
A: 7 days after receipt of the goods, if found quality problems, please contact our business, technical staff inspection, we will provide shipping, free return policy;
30 days after receipt of the goods, if found quality problems, the two sides pay the freight, we provide free maintenance services; 
product problems within 1 year will provide free maintenance services;
Always provide after-sales support.

(Lightning attack, liquid entry or improper use and man-made damage, etc. are not covered by the warranty)

8, Can I apply for an invoice?
A: We sell all the goods can be free to provide invoices, you can contact the business to understand the relevant information on the invoice.

9, YX company which payment method?
A: We currently support payment methods, please refer to >>>Payment Method

VOIP Common Problem:

1. What is VoIP?
Voice Over Internet Protocol is a technology which provides the transmission of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Fax, SMS, voice messaging applications can also be transported via VoIP channels. Services via network of a VoIP provider are usually cheaper than via the traditional phone system.

2. What is traffic?
Traffic is the summation of the VOIP calls received and delivered via the Internet.

3. What is softswitch?
It is software-based device in a telecommunications network which provides managing of voice, fax, data and video traffic, routing of a call within the network, and can process the signaling for all types of packet protocols. VoIP Softswitches are subdivided into two classes — class 4 and class 5 softswitches.

4. What is Class 4 softswitch?
Class 4 VoIP softswitch is the kind of VoIP software which is used to transit VoIP traffic between the carriers. The main task of Class 4 softswitch is to maintain the uninterrupted routing of the large volumes of long distance VoIP calls. It is characterized by protocol and codec support and conversion, calls per second rate, number of concurrent calls, etc.

5. What is Class 5 softswitch?
Class 5 VoIP softswitch is the kind of VoIP software which is intended for companies providing services for end-users. It is designed to work with residential and business clients. Class 5 softswitch is characterized by such services as calling features, IP PBX features, authorization types, etc.

6. What's the difference between the softswitch and switch?
Traditional switch is the hardware, with physical switchboards to route the calls. Softswitch is the VoIP software solution which is installed on servers and has the same functionality. VoIP softswitch solutions now become more popular.

7. What is VoIP billling?
It is VoIP solution which collects, calculates and shows information about telephone calls and other services and generates invoices for the customers. Also it offers complete calls statistics, connection quality reports, financial reports and other vital information. VoIP billing is complete financial accounting solution for VoIP carriers.

8. What is NAS server (RTP/Media server)
It is one of hardware servers, where softswitch is installed. It accepts and receives VOIP calls: signaling(technical info) and media (voice).

9. What is RADIUS?
RADIUS is a subscriber authentication and counting protocol, usually working like an external application and collect information for NAS from VoIP Billing.

10. What is H.323?
H.323 is a protocol‐standard contains technical requirements for delivering audio via networks and includes standards and voice codecs.

11. What is SIP?
SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a protocol for organizing, changing and finishing the connection conversation: multimedia conferences, phone connections and user connections with different applications.

12. What is codec?
Cosec is a compression and decompression algorithm which allows to constrict bandwidth by speech delivery. G.723 and G.729 are mostly used in VoIP nowadays.

13. What is transcoding?
Transcoding is the process of converting media stream from one codec to another. Usually it is required when a client does't support the provider's codec. Real time convertion of VoIP traffic is provided due to special algorithm, which allows to convert stream without decrease of connection quality.

14. What is routing?
Routing is the process of selecting VOIP providers from list to make VOIP call.

15. What is LCR?
LCR (Least Costs Routing) is a function to set routing with the least price per minute to get best profit.

16. What is revenue assurance?
It is a solution for VoIP providers which increases the traffic quality and profitability. This VoIP software is constantly monitoring the destination, changing and choosing efficient routes according to the special rules. Revenue assurance system can automatically lock problematic destinations. It guarantees one always received the minimal desired level of income.

17. What is ERP for VoIP?
Enterprise resource planning is VoIP software solution which integrates internal and external management information. It is designed to automate business processes and allows one to generate online reports which help to view current information about VoIP company.

18. What is gateway?
Gateway in VOIP is a server or a hardware equipment that allows to make or receive calls using connection to country local interfaces like FXO/FXS, GSM, TDM and other.

19. What is DID number?
DID (direct inward dialing) is a possibility to use local numbers of any country like a personal number for accepting or sending calls. DID number usually connect to softswtich thought Gateway.

20. What is IVR?
IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is the system of the previously recorded voice messages, which are functioning as calls routers inside companies or call-centers, the functioning is based on information typed by client via touchtone (DTMF).

21. What is SIP-trunking?
SIP trunking is a VoIP service based on the SIP by which Internet telephony service providers deliver telephone services and unified communication to customers equipped with private branch exchange (IP-PBX) facilities.