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YX GOIP prevents block card solution

2018/3/5      view:

Carrier block SIM card common rules(Call):

1, Call interval

2, Dial the wrong number of times

3, Dial the illegal  number(Fishing number) of times

4, Total number of calls (days / month)

5, Total call time (day / month)

6, Call out too frequently

7, IMEI change too frequently

8, Base station for a long time fixed connection

9, SIM card source causes SIM card to be monitored

YX GOIP coping solution:

1,How to set up interval calls:

1.1 Short interval: After the call is in, it keeps the call and exhales after the interval (but may extend the PDD). You can also make the number of simultaneous calls less than the number of device ports, or you can get the SIM rest 

1.2 Long interval: Setting In Automation, When the conditions are met, the device will temporarily lock the port, and re-open the port after the locked time is reached

For example: Below picture

1,The picture shows that after every 3 calls, the card will be temporarily locked for 180 seconds, and then open to continue making calls

2, The picture shows that after every 2 contacts, the card will be temporarily locked for 180 seconds, and then open to continue making calls

(Any one of the conditions will be temporarily locked, and rest some time)

2,How to avoid wrong numbers, invalid numbers, phishing numbers

This is directly related to traffic. Clean traffic or filtering measures taken by traffic providers can significantly reduce the effect of blocking cards.

Carrier blocked SIM card common rules(SMS):

If the blocked card is serious, pay attention to the following
1. Don't send too much information with the same content;
2. Pay attention to the content of the information, do not appear sensitive words;
3. You can try to reduce the sending speed to reduce the blocked card;
4. Try to control the number of SMS per SIM cards sent per day or per month.